An Environmentally Friendly Electronic Disposal Option What do you do with your old smartphone or outdated laptop? After leaving these unused items sitting for a period of time, most people simply throw them out. Did you know that this could be harming the environment?

Technology isn’t biodegradable, meaning your old items can sit in a junkyard for decades. There’s a better option available: electronic disposal with a qualified disposition company. In this article, we’ll cover the steps needed to get rid of your electronics in an environmentally friendly manner.

Step #1: Determine the Technology to Return

The first step is putting together all of the pieces of technology you want to get rid of. This can include the 10-year-old phone sitting in your junk drawer or the broken monitor tucked away in your basement.

Before you put these items in a pick-up pile, be sure you’ve cleared all of your important information from the devices, such as pictures or files. Once they are disposed of, you won’t be able to get any information back.

Step #2: Contact JHI

Next, you want to contact our team at Jay Hoehl Inc. Our team is a leading e-waste recycling company in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. JHI takes most electronic items, like servers, computers, laptops, circuit boards, sensors, cables, adapters and other IT assets. However, our team does not handle any hazardous waste.

Step #3: Choose Your Disposal Option

An Environmentally Friendly Electronic Disposal OptionFinally, you need to choose your disposal method. First, you have the option of dropping off your items or having a team member pick them up directly from your home or office. We infuse convenience into the process, which is perfect if you have a never-ending to-do list.

Once our team picks up your electronics, your job is done. We handle the rest of the work, focusing on responsible recycling.  Moreover, as a part of our disposal process, we can destroy all information on your devices, ensuring that your personal information is safeguarded.

We also offer personalized solutions if you have a special situation, such as an entire office of old electronics or a basement filled with unused items.

Why Choose Environmentally Friendly Electronic Disposal?

When you use an environmentally friendly electronic disposal company, you have piece of mind that you aren’t adding to the growing number of electronics polluting the environment. As technology continues to become outdated quickly, it’s important to find green solutions.

For example, there’s a new smartphone or smartwatch that hits the market every year. If you were to purchase the latest product each year, your negative environmental impact would continue to grow without the proper controls in place.

Choosing the Right E-Waste Provider

Finding the right provider to dispose of your e-waste is crucial. The e-waste provider you choose should have a commitment to environmentally friendly practices and prioritize responsible recycling.

When you work with our team at JHI, you get these benefits and more. We are fully invested in making the environment a better place through sustainable technology recycling. Reach out to a team member today to properly dispose of your electronics.