How Do I Dispose of Electronics in Phoenix New electronics hit the market every day, from a new gaming system to the latest cellphone. What do you do with your old electronics? Do you throw them in a drawer to collect dust? How about having a pile of old computers and monitors sitting in your basement?

There is a way to free up extra space in your house, while still ensuring the sensitive information on these devices is properly disposed of. The solution is working with an electronics disposal expert, like JHI.

Understanding why it’s important to dispose of electronics in Phoenix, commonly accepted items, and the value can help you determine if electronic disposal is right for you.

Why Is it Important to Properly Dispose of Electronics in Phoenix?

Properly disposing of electronics is essential to safeguard the planet. Computers and other electronic devices can contain toxic chemicals and materials that can be harmful to the environment if left in a landfill. Electronic disposal eliminates this risk, allowing you to support a greener planet while getting rid of your unused items.

Furthermore, disposing of your electronics frees up space in your house. Instead of having a junk drawer or separate area of unused electronics, you can safely dispose of them. Proper disposal can also ensure that any sensitive information is erased. Throwing out electronics creates risks if someone stumbles on your bank account login or other sensitive information. This risk can be eliminated by working with the proper disposal company.

What Electronic Items are Accepted?

How Do I Dispose of Electronics in PhoenixElectronic disposal companies limit what devices they are able to safely dispose of. Accepted items generally include computers, laptops, tablets, servers, monitors, hard drives, circuit boards, cartridges, copiers, solar panels, speakers, batteries, and cameras. This list is not inclusive, making it important to reach out to the team at JHI if you have a question on a specific item.

However, there are limitations. Electronics that contain hazardous chemicals, like lead, oil, refrigerant, and radioactive materials can not be disposed of. This is because disposal of these items requires special licenses and processes.

What is the Typical Disposal Process?

The disposal process is simple. First, you can decide if you want to drop of your electronics or if you want a team member to pick them up. Once the electronics reach our facility, we will swiftly and safely destroy the contents. The process really is that simple.

Is Electronic Disposal in Phoenix Cost Effective?

Electronic disposal is cost effective when you consider the convenience and peace of mind it leads to. The team at JHI offers pickup services for members of the Phoenix community. This means that you don’t have to lift a finger to get rid of the electronics collecting dust in your house.

In addition, if someone were to gain access to the confidential information on your old devices, it can come with a financial burden. This is common when hackers access your bank accounts and open fictitious loans through your social security number. Electronic disposal is invaluable when it comes to minimizing these risks.


Are you still unsure about the benefits or the process of electronics disposal? If so, reach out to one of our team members at JHI today to set up a consultation. We can walk you through everything you need to know to get rid of your unused electronics.