How to Dispose of Computers and Electronic DevicesWhether you’re ready to upgrade your computer or another electronic device, you need to be aware of how to properly and safely dispose of them. Electronics cannot be tossed out with regular trash. There are many harmful consequences to yourself and the environment by doing so. How exactly do you dispose of old electronics safely? Read on to find out.

What Happens to Old Electronics?

Electronics are homes to a lot of hazardous chemicals including but not limited to:

  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Beryllium
  • Mercury
  • Brominated Flame Retardants

Without proper disposal of electronics, there is a high risk of these chemicals polluting soil, water, and air. When electronics are tossed into a landfill, these toxic chemicals can reach natural water and be carried to bodies of drinking water.

Recycle E-Waste

How to Dispose of Computers and Electronic DevicesWhen it comes time to part ways with old electronics, consider taking them to an e-recycle company such as JHI. We provide secure, efficient, and environmentally safe recycling for all electronics in addition to data destruction for any items you send us.

Sell Old Electronics

Always be sure to wipe your electronics of any valuable information before you sell them. If they are still in good working condition, consider selling the items as an alternative to recycling them. Utilize a site such as eBay to list your item for free and make a little money in the process.

Donate Electronics

How to Dispose of Computers and Electronic DevicesIf you’re able, donating is a great option when you no longer need a computer or other electronic. Again, be sure your personal information is wiped from the device before choosing this method. You can donate to children in need, students, or other organizations and businesses in need. Be sure your item is still in working condition before considering this option.

Take Electronics Back

Many electronic companies offer an exchange or return programs when you are done using a device. Sometimes this will allow you a credit towards and upgrade, other times the company will have e-waste recycle program available to make disposing of electronics easy. Check to see if the product’s company has any drop off points to get rid of old items.

Before You Dispose

The most important step before you dispose of any electronic item is to wipe your personal information from it. JHI offers data destruction to wipe your hard drive or completely destroy it in an eco-friendly manner. This way you can rest assured that your electronic item is not only be disposed of in a safe manner, but your personal information will remain safe and intact.