Is it Illegal to Throw Away Electronics in Arizona How do you dispose of your old electronics in Arizona? Do you simply toss them in the trash? How about throwing them into a junk drawer or storage room? The rise of technology has brought on a whole new set of challenges: disposal.

Countless business owners and individuals are left questioning if it’s legal to throw away electronics in Arizona. So, what’s the answer? In this blog, we will outline the legality of disposing of electronics and cover the proper way to get rid of your unused pieces of technology.

Is it Illegal to Throw Away Electronics in Arizona?

There are currently no laws that outline the proper disposal methods of e-waste. However, you are still subject to state laws that cover general disposal regulations. Additionally, your municipality and county might have specific regulations surrounding electronic disposal.

E-waste undoubtedly impacts the environment. A standard television can contain anywhere from 4 to 8 pounds of lead that is left to break down in landfills. Eventually, this lead can enter water streams and pollute the environment.

As technology becomes more dated, we can expect increased legislation surrounding disposal. If you run a large business, you may have already felt the impact of e-waste legislation, with lawmakers adding to legislation surrounding businesses.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that Arizona falls short when it comes to e-waste legislation, with more than half of states already having laws in place.

The EPA describes that the average household has more than 24 electronic products. This adds up when you factor in businesses as well. Minimizing the risk of these electronics harming the environment is essential.

What is the Proper Way to Dispose of Old Electronics?

Is it Illegal to Throw Away Electronics in ArizonaEven though there aren’t many laws surrounding the disposal of old electronics, you should still take proactive measures to protect your sensitive information and the environment. This might include working with an electronic disposal company.

A technology disposal company ensures that your devices are wiped of any sensitive information before they are disposed of. On the off chance that someone does gain access to your device, you want to be sure there is nothing that could be hacked.

Moreover, technology disposal companies understand the proper ways to dispose of electronics without polluting the environment. This might include removing any hazardous materials that can enter water streams or seep into the soil. Creating a greener environment takes strategic efforts on all fronts, especially with electronic disposal.

Finding the Right Disposal Company

If you have piles of old electronics that you need to dispose of, it’s important that you work with the right disposal company. You want a technology disposal company that prioritizes wiping your devices, while ensuring your electronics don’t end up in landfills, polluting the environment.

At JHI, these values are at our core. We have both your and the environment’s best interests in mind. We also offer flexibility in pick-up and drop-off options. Reach out to a team member today to learn more.