Should You Remove a Hard Drive from a Computer Before Recycling?As you begin to replace outdated technology in your business, it’s important to understand the security risks associated with improper disposal of old devices. Did you know that criminals often target thrown out hard drives to retrieve confidential data, like bank account numbers and identifying information?

Using the proper disposal methods allows you to safeguard your confidential information, while still upgrading to the latest pieces of technology. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of hard drive recycling, including when you should remove the hard drive and disposal methods that protect your data.

Should You Remove a Hard Drive from a Computer Before Recycling?

Your hard drive stores all of the information from your computer. As long as this device is still intact, your sensitive data is at risk. Failure to include your hard drives, servers, and other mobile devices in your information security plan can increase your risk of a data breach, leading to an irreparable brand image and financial damages.

You have a few options when it comes to disposing of a computer hard drive. The first option is to remove the hard drive and store it in a safe location. This isn’t ideal for businesses that are growing and have limited space. The other option is to utilize a hard drive disposal company, like JHI. We’ll talk about the benefits of using a reputable company in more detail below.

Does Wiping Data Work?

Many companies believe that wiping the computer data before disposal is sufficient. This isn’t the case, as data can easily be recovered. There are countless tutorials on how to restore wiped hard drives, which many criminals take advantage of. Although wiping your data can give you more peace of mind, it should not be the only strategy you rely on to protect your data.

How to Safely Dispose of Hard Drives

Should You Remove a Hard Drive from a Computer Before Recycling?The best way to dispose of a hard drive is to enlist the help of a professional company. Hard drive destroyers go through a specific set of protocol to ensure your data is no longer accessible. The first step usually involves wiping the data. Once the data is removed, then the company will physically destroy the hard drive, making it unusable.

Hard drive destruction involves two main methods: shearing and crushing. Shearing is the process of slicing the hard drive into small pieces, destroying the platters, mechanisms, and all electronic components. Crushing punches holes through each hard drive, ripping the magnetic surfaces and making data inaccessible. Both methods are great ways to guarantee that your data is destroyed.

Using a Hard Drive Disposal Company

Outsourcing hard drive disposal to a trusted third party is beneficial for many reasons. For one, you aren’t leaving sensitive information in the hands of employees. Instead, you are allowing an independent party to safely and confidentially dispose of the hard drive.

Another benefit is convenience. Hard drive disposal companies, like JHI, offer different disposal options, like on-site pickup and local drop-off. When you partner with a reliable disposal company, your hard drive is guaranteed to be properly and ethically destroyed.

For more information on getting started with your hard drive disposal, contact a team member at JHI today.