The Importance of Data Destruction As you read this, you might be wondering what exactly is data destruction? If your first inclination is to think it’s separate from data security, you would be right. Data security is something you practice on a daily basis by keeping pass-codes, passwords, and other intricate encryptions to secure your phone, laptop, cloud data, and more. Data destruction is a full erasing of all your data security to the point of no-recovery. When the time comes to get rid of your old tech, consider looking into a proper way to destroy any sensitive data that may still be on the device first. A proper data destruction will leave nothing usable on the device.


There are two main types of data: personal and business. Personal data is most often found on your phone and home computer and/or laptop. Business data is typically employee data, client and consumer data and financial data. Personal data can easily be mined from old devices and used to steal your money and your full identity. Business information can be just as exploitable if fallen into the wrong hands.


  • Social media accounts
  • Photos and videos
  • Passwords
  • App login information
  • Personal banking information
  • Email


  • Client / Consumer data
  • HR documents: tax paperwork, SSN’s, bank information of employees
  • Purchase records
  • Healthcare records (depending on the company)


How can you set yourself up for success against unwanted data miners? At a business, the IT department for the Chief Risk Management Officer will be in charge of putting plans in place to protect data – during and after device use. When a business is ready to get rid of old devices, look into a company that provides e-Waste recycling and full data destruction services. At JHI we provide both.

The Importance of Data DestructionHARD DRIVE DESTRUCTION

A step up from wiping hard drives and devices of data is to physically destroy them through mechanical shredding. This service is available for the devices that store your data. Think of it like putting a paper document with sensitive information through the shredder. Once destroyed, the device will not be usable again. Keep in mind this is just one option and that in general, data destruction does not always equate to physical destruction.


We take great pride in our company’s e-waste recycling at JHI. Once your data is destroyed, your old devices are in good hands. We will recycle them in an eco-friendly way so that harmful materials and leads will not go back into the environment.

When it comes to data destruction for you and your business, there are a few factors to consider. Time, cost and certification are the top key items to keep in mind. You want your data handled on your terms. Reach out to one of our experts at JHI today to see how we can help you destroy your data in a safe and reliable way.