Where Can I Dispose Of Old Computers?  There are several reasons to dispose of old computers. You might want to upgrade to a better performing gadget, or the low battery life of your device might be driving you nuts. You could also be on the lookout for the latest entry into the market or just want to get rid of an old computer that’s gathering dust in the corner of your room.

Regardless of the reason, the least you should do or even not try is to trash your old laptop or desktop computer. Your piece of junk could be worth some dollars or even be of use to someone else. Thus said, here are the recommended places to get rid of old computers.

Where Can I Dispose Of Old Computers?Laptop manufacturers and trade in stores

Plenty of stores and laptop manufacturers, including Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell, and Best Buy, run programs that allow consumers to trade in their old computers for a few dollars.
You want to compare the prices and payment methods of several options to land the best deal. Also, understand that some companies require the sellers to supply accurate information about their gadgets, including make, model, year of manufacture.

Computer charities

Why add your old computer to the landfill or let it rust in your room while you can simply donate it to local, national, and international computer charities? Popular charity organizations that collect old computers and other electronics from businesses and individuals include Computer with Causes, Jay Hoehl Inc,  National Christina Foundation, Earth911, and TechSoup, among others.
Some of these organizations use proceeds from selling donated usable computers to fund their charity works. Others give the computers to schools and shelters while assorted refurbish or repair old computers and donate them for educational purposes in growing economies. Search for such charities online or in your neighborhood to donate your old technology.

Computer recyclers

Recycling helps to prevent the release of toxic substances present in computers to the environment and also minimize the resources and cost of fabricating new gadgets. Laptops and desktop computers contain lead, magnum, and mercury that can be disastrous to the environment and water sources. That’s why authorities highly discourage the disposal of such electronics in the garbage.

Recycling an old computer is straightforward. First, check for an electronics recycling center in the local area. Alternatively, scour the internet for online recycling programs run by computer manufacturers and electronics retailers in partnership with recycling companies. Whereas some electronic recyclers offer pick-up services, some request donors to drop off their gadgets at particular centers in the local area.


Where Can I Dispose Of Old Computers?Before you dispose of old computers, it’s recommendable for donors to save important files to external storage such as USB drive or external hard drive. Alternatively, save your data in a new computer or cloud. You also want to disconnect wireless devices from your laptop or desktop computer and sign out of all accounts in your old gadget. Lastly, erase or remove your hard disk drive.

Now that you know the best places to dispose of old computers, you have no excuse for ditching your gadget to the landfill. Nonetheless, ensure that you save critical files to external storage and erase the hard disk of your old computer before trading it in or giving it away to an electronics recycler or charity.