Why E-Waste is ImportantElectronic waste (aka e-waste) refers to electronic products that are unwanted, not working, and nearing the end of their life. While it might be tempting to toss those items into your local garbage collection and call it a day, e-waste must be recycled at the proper facility.

Want to know why? Today’s blog post will explain exactly why e-waste is important (and what you should do with yours).

5 Reasons Why E-Waste is Important

There are many reasons why e-waste is important. Below are the first that come to mind:

Keep Electronic Waste Out of Landfills

Because e-waste contains toxic substances and heavy metals, it poses serious environmental threats if improperly disposed of. Chromium, cadmium, mercury, and lead can all be found inside electronics. And if you dispose of electronics in landfills, you risk leaching those chemicals into the soil and contaminating the air and waterways.

Save Valuable Materials

Oftentimes, electronics are composed of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum (as well as aluminum, copper, plastic, and glass). Therefore, recycling e-waste is an opportunity to reclaim and reuse those materials.

Decrease the Demand for Raw Materials

When you reclaim valuable materials like glass and copper, you decrease the need for new raw materials. Believe it or not, one metric ton of circuit boards contains 800 times the amount of gold mined from one metric ton of ore.

Why E-Waste is ImportantReduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Just like recycling e-waste minimizes the demand for raw materials, it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions are produced during the manufacturing of new materials. But as we mentioned, recycling e-waste lowers the demand for new materials.

Donate to a Cause

If you toss your e-waste into the local landfill, you miss an opportunity to refurbish it, reuse it, or donate it to someone in need. There are numerous organizations that specialize in rebuilding old electronics and distributing them to others. We recommend doing a bit of research and locating one near you.

Benefits of Recycling E-waste

Not only is recycling e-waste better for the environment, but it creates green jobs, increases the value of American exports, and supports the American recycling and refurbishing industry. Donations allow schools and non-profits to access electronics that they otherwise couldn’t afford, and businesses can take advantage of the tax incentives.

Additionally, using recycled materials in new materials has a wide variety of benefits:

  • Minimal packaging
  • More energy efficient
  • More easily disassembled
  • Meets performance criteria
  • Leasing and takeback options

Electronics Recycling in Phoenix, AZ

Wondering why e-waste is important? We hope that today’s blog post offered the clarity you were looking for. And if you have some old or unwanted electronics lying around the house, Jay Hoehl Inc. can take care of them for you.

Whether you’re getting rid of an old television or an entire warehouse of electronics, our experts will make sure your e-waste is responsibly handled. Visit our website to find out what we can do for you. Then, contact our team for a free evaluation.