E-Waste Recycling Properly disposing of end-of-life (EOL) electronics has been a continued debate through the years. As the need for technological advances have grown quickly, a solution to this problem is needed now. In response to the question What should I do with my electronic after it cannot be used anymore? Jay Hoehl Inc has organized new and innovative solutions to put an end to e-waste pollution since 1980. E-Waste Recycling is a modern, safe alternative to landfill disposal—all while creating new opportunities for EOL electronics to be used.

E-Waste RecyclingE-waste recycling combines high-tech innovation with common recycling practices to provide safe and eco-friendly solutions for everyone in search of a location to dispose or repurpose old electronics. While many simply dispose of electronics in landfills, toxic materials and components may be exposed to the atmosphere and environment. Landfills also allow non-degradable materials to be flushed into oceans and other lands that are overcrowded and polluted already.

Instead of allowing these dangerous materials to pollute oceans and habitats, Jay Hoehl Inc has developed modern and innovative electronic recycling techniques for industrial scrap that prevent tech pollution across the globe. Our teams work to provide strong, alternate solutions to aid the e-waste problem.

E-Waste RecyclingE-waste represents 70% of toxic waste overall. If every company were to consider the effects of recycling their industrial scrap after they’ve reached their end-of-life period, how much better off would our ecosystem be? Many toxic materials and components that make up our earth do not have to pollute lands. Instead, the overall goal of people everywhere should be to better the earth through recycling and repurposing. These are two things that Phoenix E-Waste Management does daily. With regard to corporate industries, e-waste recycling allows for the repurposing and recycling of electronic scraps that would otherwise be left to litter the earth for years.

Our great teams work hard to provide an innovative and modern solution to the e-waste crisis. The growth of technology should not mean the downfall of mankind. Instead of allowing EOL electronic components to pollute and smother our ecosystem, Jay Hoehl Inc has worked hard to provide solutions to benefit habitats while promoting the rise of technology. As old electronics are repurposed, newer and better things may rise from them.

E-waste recycling is the innovative, modern solution for this EOL electronic crisis that you’ve been searching for. Recycle and re-purpose electronic scrap into better things with a safe and effective service that has the health and safety of the earth in mind.