how to decide when to replace your business electronicsAll businesses use technology to support its operations, from the classic office printer to advanced machinery. Unfortunately, there will come a time when malfunctions or a lack of efficiency leave you questioning whether to replace your business electronics. As specialists in Business Electronic Waste Management in Phoenix, AZ, we take a closer look at the right time and the tell-tale signs to renew your equipment.

The First Step is to Determine the Value of Repairs

Is it worth repairing an old machine, computer or device? The answer for a business is not as simple as the cost for repairs versus a replacement. Costs include diagnostics, expected lifespan, period of downtime and impact on productivity, and lastly, the expense of a replacement. In most cases, it is simply not worth the time for businesses to have equipment repaired. Learn just how to decide when to replace your business electronics.

Most companies are plagued by the decision to repair or replace problem equipment. The performance and lifespan of electronic devices and machinery must be considered. If you are to repair a system and it only has a 20% longevity, it may not be worth the expense of fixing.

How to decide when to replace your business electronics requires a quotation for repair and estimate for a new machine or device including installation or setup. When the fixture exceeds at least 25% of the value of a new system, value may lie in replacement electronics.

Longevity of Apparatus

how to decide when to replace your business electronicsDetermine the worth of replacing equipment by assessment of system longevity. Laptops, computers and mobile devices are commonly used in the office and the easiest to assess lifespan. Should electronics only be expected to last 3 to 4 years before showing problem signs, planning for a future replacement can be done before facing sudden and costly crisis.

Efficient Performance

How to decide when to replace your business electronics includes a look at its overall performance. Devices that perform sluggishly, display repeated functional issues and crash will eventually break down. Equipment that can no longer perform efficiently can prove more costly for business because it delays production, affects quality output and frustrates employees. A lack of performance efficiency is a sure sign it is time to replace your business electronics.


In most industries, replacement of electronics becomes a necessity. Worn equipment and electronics approaching the end of its life must be replaced where workers are at possible risk.

Replace Your Business Electronics the Right Way

Your business has decided to upgrade and replace its electronics. The dilemma is what to do with broken machinery or devices in disrepair. Fortunately, we specialize in business electronic waste management in Phoenix, AZ. Our services are dedicated to handling and removing unwanted and broken electronics in a safe, efficient and effective manner.

If you are unsure of whether to replace your business electronics or not, speak to one of our professional consultants. We can help you find value and ensure that all electronic waste is professionally removed.