The Best Methods For Safe & Responsible E-Waste Disposal

The Dangers Of Mishandling E-Waste

How to Recycle Electronics in ArizonaAs noted by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, inappropriate e-waste disposal has significant negative consequences for people and the environment. Most notably, when people send e-waste to the landfill, toxic chemicals can leach into the environment.

When e-waste goes to a landfill or is left in an illegal outdoor dumping site, the components containing these chemicals break down. This leads to environmental contamination and uncontrolled chemical reactions that can create noxious fumes and fires. Humans and animals are then exposed to contaminated air, dust, soil, and water, and also consume contaminated crops and meat. Consequently, improper e-waste disposal is a public health and safety issue. People exposed to these toxic chemicals develop asthma, respiratory problems, and cancer at higher-than-average rates.

The Most Popular Methods For E-Waste Disposal In Arizona

Jay Hoehl Inc | Phoenix Industrial E- Scrap ManagementThere are many different resources available online for people who want to recycle electronics in Arizona. Yet not all of the information available through all of these resources is up-to-date and accurate about current legal regulations. Moreover, there are multiple different in-person locations where people can dispose of e-waste, yet different organizations maintain different requirements for hazardous and e-waste collection. Concerned consumers can use the following list to find the best e-waste recycling method for their needs.

E-Waste Recycling Centers & Events:

  1. Jay Hoel Inc. – We are capable of recycling all manner of e-waste items, including commercial and private computer and network equipment, microwave and RF equipment, and industrial e-waste. Moreover, JHI not only recycles e-waste using the safest and most effective methods; we also safely destroy all data remaining on equipment, ensuring that businesses’ efforts to learn how to recycle electronics in Arizona are not rewarded with data insecurity.
  2. ADEQ e-waste recycling events – The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality plans, promotes, and hosts e-waste collection events in more than 50 Arizona cities. A schedule of these and other recycling events in each community is available on their website. These events are relatively infrequent — with just 100 hosted since 2009 — yet the ADEQ remains one of the most reliable sources of information about recycling electronics in Arizona.
  3. City-Specific E-Waste Recycling Events – Different city and county councils around the state invest in e-waste recycling events. Check your local government website for more information.

How to Recycle Electronics in ArizonaLocal Companies That Recycle E-Waste:

  1. Best Buy – Most Best Buy stores are approved e-waste recycling drop-off locations. Moreover, Best Buy offers interested consumers appraisals on newer electronic items, empowering people to earn store credits for trading in approved items.
  2.  Apple’s GiveBack Program – There are different options available for people looking to recycle Apple products, specifically. Returning qualified products to a participating Apple store can earn participants up to $1,000 in store credit.
  3. Depending on the age and condition of electronics, offers to buy items from consumers in exchange for relatively small Amazon gift cards. This program is limited to items that can be safely and easily shipped.
  4. Local Charity Organizations – Concerned consumers can also contact local charities to find out about charitable donation programs that accept consumer electronics. Participating charities are limited, and there are frequently restrictions on items eligible for donation based on age, condition, and functionality.


If you have any further questions or concerns about how to recycle electronics in Arizona, or to find out more about e-waste collection locations, events, and requirements in your area, contact JHI today or call us at 602-272-4033.