Phoenix E- WasteAs technology and access to information grows rapidly across the world, it seems that there is an infinite amount of new tech that can be expanded upon. From medical research to educational databases to entertainment, technology has grown to an insurmountable level. With all of these great feats and inventions in the online world, a new challenge has risen—e-waste.

E-waste is the collection of electronics that have met their end-of-life (EOL) period. After all use is taken from these electronics, what can be done with the remaining pieces? This problem has created an ever-growing collection of e-waste that only creates pollution and clutters landfills.

Instead of allowing this waste to grow, we decided to do something about it.

JHI Inc has been providing Phoenix with E-Waste Recycling Services since 1980. Our trusted team is dedicated to creating powerful methods of e-waste recycling to better our community and environment. In a time of evolving technology, we’re here to help recycle your EOL electronics safely and effectively.

Why do I need to recycle my electronics?

  1. Polluting the Environment
    While many are responsible for the proper disposal of their EOL electronics, there are still a majority that don’t follow procedures. Because of this, many abandoned electronic components are left in landfills, oceans, and other locations to pollute the environment and harm habitats.
  2. Cluttered Landfills
    While landfills may be a proper site of disposal for many things, electronics need disposing in other locations. Filling already overcrowded landfills with non-degradable materials only promote littering and unsafe environments.
  3. Toxic Materials
    Disposing electronics in unproper locations could lead to toxic materials and components being let out into the atmosphere and environment. Safe decomposition of EOL electronics is essential to the e-waste recycling process.

Jay Hoehl Inc provides simple solutions that help fight the e-waste pollution crisis that faces the world today. We are dedicated to keeping industrial scrap out of landfills and oceans so that they may be repurposed and redesigned in bigger and better ways.

E-waste recycling creates better environments without toxic materials left by industrial scrap. E-waste pollution isn’t necessary. Our team balances recycling with redesign to offer brighter futures for EOL electronics in the industrial world.

Recycling is a safe and effective alternative to general electronic disposal. Developed methods of e-waste recycling allow for industrial scrap to be modernized and repurposed. Instead of allowing toxic materials to be released into the environment, Phoenix E-Waste Recycling fights against the e-waste pollution crisis to provide you a brighter tomorrow.